Fishing Glasses

At Samuels Eyecare, we supply sunglasses such as Maui Jim, and polarised spectacle lenses to your own prescription in single vision, bifocals or varifocals.

The highest quality sunglasses are the best investment you can make when deciding on where your fishing money should go. The right sunglasses can make all the difference in the world when it comes to not only difficult 'sight' fishing, but, in fact, for improving all of your fishing.


In fresh or saltwater, you need the best polarizing lenses to cut through the masking glare to see the true story of what's above AND below the water's surface. Judging the exact location of a fish can be as important as what that fish is feeding on.


Your eyes get a hard work out during a full day of fishing and the best glasses not only protect your eyes from the full spectrum of the sun's harmful rays, but soothe your eyes while enhancing your visual acuity on the water.


So, it makes little sense to invest in a quality fly rod, and then go out and attempt to fish in a cheap pair of sunglasses. You need to see at your best, and you simply can't perform without the right equipment.